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ISE - Online Booking

ISE - Online Booking ISE - Online Booking ISE - Online Booking ISE - Online Booking      

Choose your insurance coverage:

Option 1 :
Travel Medical Insurance
Medical Maximum Benefit: USD 2.000.000 - Co-Payment per incident: USD 0
Liability Insurance
Personal injury / property damage each: EUR 500.000
Baggage Insurance
Theft/Damage of personal property during the entire trip: EUR 1.500
USD 2.10 per day

Please Confirm:

These insurance plans are only available for participants of cultural exchange programs, volunteer programs and for educational travel. Any dependents are not accepted under this plan and will be cancelled by the insurance company. If you need insurance coverage for persons who are not eligible under this plan, please go to http://www.esecutive.com/individual-plans.
I herewith confirm that I am a participant of a cultural exchange program