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eSecutive™ MyInsurance Site & App

Allows your program participants to review and administer their own insurance documents online

eSecutive™ — MyInsurance

With the eSecutive™ MyInsurance Log-In Area, our client's program participants can independently review and administer their individual insurance documents online. As soon as a program participant has been enrolled for insurance coverage, the individual account will be created automatically.

Insurance Upgrades with MyInsurance

You can arrange a special upgrade option for your participants that allows them to increase their coverage at their own expense. This upgrade option is available within the MyInsurance Area any time prior to the participant's departure date and is payable by credit card. Once upgraded, the participant will receive new documentation containing the details of their new updated policy.

MyInsurance Mobile Apps

With the MyInsurance Mobile App your participants never have to worry about forgetting their insurance information or ID Card when travelling because they can access all of their insurance information right from their mobile device. The app is free and available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and Androids.

eSecutive™ — Enrollment System

With the eSecutive™ Enrollment System you can upload all of your insurance participants with a few clicks in seconds.

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eSecutive™ — Booking System

With the eSecutive™ Booking System you can give your participants access to purchase insurance products online.

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