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About Us

We currently work with over 200 organizations, companies and schools worldwide

About Secutive

Secutive is an international insurance agency that provides health, travel and ancillary insurance coverage to students and cultural exchange participants. Our philosophy is that personal and accessible customer service is the basis for successful relationships with our partners. With offices in the US and Germany, we are able to assist our clients across multiple time zones.

Through our agency services, Secutive Insurance Solutions, and eSecutive. our proprietary administrative platform, we offer a wide range of products tailored to the requirements of the international cultural exchange and educational travel market. We are always up-to-date on changing regulations and market developments and we adapt our products accordingly.

We represent several American and European A-rated insurance companies as well as leading assistance providers in the US and globally. Our range of top insurance relationships allows us to always act flexibly and custom-tailor products for our clients.

Our eSecutiveª platform provides our customers and their participants with our market-leading online services, which are complementary to all our insurance products. Our online services are continuously upgraded with new features and are updated to the highest level of technical and security standards.

Our Objectives

Secutive aims to be the industry leader in insurance for the cultural exchange profession. We offer tailored insurance concepts for international exchange organizations.

Our Mission

Secutive is dedicated to develop insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, our staff members, and insurance companies that respects the interests and goals of each party.

Secutive Acquisition LLC

Secutive Acquisition LLC is our corporate holding company.

Patrick Sullivan

Jochen Ostermann


Secutive is our operating insurance subsidiary that provides insurance solutions to clients.

Jochen Ostermann

Co-Founder and Sales Executive

Sylke Reinery

Co-Founder and Sales Support

Beth Hamilton

Operations and Futurist

Jochen's knowledge of Secutive's synergies with our clients' business is unmatched. His work days are spent strengthening Secutive's relationships by listening to our partners, staying current with market changes, and driving the company to continually add value to our clients' operations. Jochen stacks up many airline miles attending industry conferences and meetings but if you need him just give him a call!

Raised both in Germany and the United States Jochen has an appreciation for the educational value that travel provides for young people. In 2007, after working in the international tourism industry, Jochen co-founded Secutive with the aim to offer a wide range of insurance products to serve the international cultural exchange and educational travel market. Through some serious hard work Jochen has turned Secutive into the success it is today.

Currently living in the US, Jochen and his family remain avid travelers splitting much of their time between family in both Germany and Nicaragua.
Sales has two sides. The outward facing part includes working trade shows and communicating with existing and potential clients on Secutive's value as an agent. The inward facing part is just as demanding. Operationally we are laden with a mountain of information (virtual of course), policy numbers and details, client requirements and communications. Sylke helps make sure that Secutive gets it right.

Sylke started her adult life working in Cambodia. Embracing the bug for travel she moved back to Germany to work in the tourism industry. When an international insurance opportunity came up to spend two years in the US, she took it. So much for two years she's been here for 13! She co-founded Secutive in 2007 and has loved her home in the US ever since.

Sylke is a backpack traveler at heart. Although she doesn't sleep on the ground any more she is still eager to travel with her family to new places. Even though Sylke is no longer living in Germany it's very important to her to keep her roots and traditions alive. She's hardly missed a Karneval in Koeln in 13 years
As companies grow so do the teams that run them. A recent addition to the team, Beth was brought in to be fresh perspective and a renewed energy for the day-to-day operations of Secutive. Although her efforts are initially in the background, she expects our clients to see noticeable and exciting changes in the year to come.

Beth has spent the majority of her career in some form of the technology industry holding positions in design, operations, account management, marketing, business development and corporate development. She has been an adjunct professor in business school and an independent lecturer for her own firm. Beth is a true business generalist, which just happened to be a perfect fit with what Secutive needed. Serendipity...

It may be cliché but Beth spends most of her free time enjoying her family. A house of teenage boys only lasts a short time... both a blessing and a curse! She does find time to enjoy cooking for friends and she can't pass up a good party. And not a day goes by that Beth doesn't at least TRY to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Stephen Bedrin

Systems Guru and Partner Interface

Simone Heinen

Image Architect

Jennifer Kon

Customer Care and CRM Innovation

As the original architect of our eSecutive Enrollment System, Steve clearly is the go-to guy for all the what, why, and how questions as well as enhancements and customizations when needed. As one of the earliest to join the Secutive team Steve clearly understands our how to create efficiencies and drive success in our partners' operations.

Steve started his career in the IT industry back in 1998 during the dotcom boom. Since then he has worked as a developer with multiple companies as well as an independent technology consultant both building and managing web applications.

For fun (ahem) Steve enters and finishes(!) triathlons and other grueling endurance events. He has competed in races across the US and has even travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to complete in the UK.
What does a marketer do in a small company?... website, emailings, video production, trade show booths, brochures, product development, brand management, logos, photography... Well, that's what Simone does. And because she doesn't have enough to do (hmm) she manages Secutive's German office as well.

Trained as an advertising merchant Simone started her career doing agency work in sponsorship, public relations, and events. She began working in international insurance over a decade ago and was there for the launch of Secutive. As one of the original Secutive team she's experienced both the hard work and the excitement of watching the company grow.

Simone loves to travel and experience new places. When she's not away, she continues to explore her own homeland heading out with her dog Oscar to weekend trips in the beautiful Rhine area of Germany. Even when she's home Simone is still exploring, either working in the garden or living out her creativity though her sewing machine.
If you have a question, ask Jen. Jennifer has been advocating for Secutive's clients for so long it seems there is nothing she doesn't know about our business... no claim she hasn't seen... no policy she hasn't memorized! And now we've asked Jen to spearhead our new CRM efforts. Success is great but it also requires change to keep up with the growth. Jen is responsible for all our CRM efforts including a new system to organize it all. She is busy!

With her degree in International Studies and an MBA to boot, Jen is a perfect fit for Secutive. Although her past experience includes both the marketing and education industries, when she met up with Jochen and Secutive six years ago there was no looking back.

Jen is a huge history buff. She is a WWII re-enactor with a focus on American women's military services. Jen is also the Executive Director of the Center for Civil War Photography, a small non-profit education and preservation organization.

Denisse Valdez

Office Dynamo

Martin Schmidt

Technology Visionary

Denisse wears many hats here in the Secutive office. Depending on the day she can be chasing down insurance claims, doing Secutive's banking, answering client's emails, explaining to participants how to use MyInsurance, studying for her insurance exam, and generally keeping the office together. Oh, and she's our resident Spanish speaker!

Denisse moved to the US from Guatemala more than 14 years ago. Trained in public health she joined Secutive in late 2015. Since then she's proved to be an amazing self-starter. How else could she be wearing all those hats?

In her free time Denisse likes to bake. She bakes for birthdays and catered events. She even does wedding cakes... that pressure must make her days at Secutive a walk in the park.
The newest member to the Secutive team, Marty is brimming with ideas on how to bring his extensive experience to our existing infrastructure. Our goal for Marty is have his fresh set of eyes identify areas where Secutive can be faster, more effective, and even more inventive. We expect our clients and partners will be delighted with the renewed focus!

Marty's degree in English was pushed aside when he started speaking tech. Starting as a spec writer Marty quickly transitioned to IT, graphics, and database design. For more than 15 years now, his focus has been in all aspects of web application and software design, with emphases on best practices, engaging intuitive design, and top-notch user experience.

Marty's creative side spans beyond tech into the world of rock & roll (jazz? or just music!). He plays guitar, keys, sings and writes the songs for a band called - oddly enough -- The Marty Schmidt Band!


In the US: Global Secutive LLC, Health, license #P206416

In Europe: Global Secutive GmbH License #D-4XTY-QI1F2-47 License #D-IVM7-KQHGC-08