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In the US:
Health, license #P206416

US regulations:
Each US state regulates individuals who sell Health Insurance and Property & Casualty policies to cover risk in their respective state by requiring the individual to obtain a Health or P&C license. An individual must obtain a resident license in the state he or she resides or works in. The individual often times must fulfill a certain amount of course hours to familiarize him/her with the state's regulations and the professional conduct that is expected of the licensee. The individual must also pass an exam.


In Europe:
License #D-4XTY-QI1F2-47
License #D-IVM7-KQHGC-08


German regulations:
As of June 2007 new EU based insurance regulations are in place. Some material contents of the "EU Richtlinie"may be summarized as follows:


  • Professional insurance mediation will become subject to license requirements.
  • Insurance Mediators have to register. Furthermore, the necessity to prove the adequate knowledge (i.e. through an exam), and the duty to have a professional liability insurance are to be introduced.
  • In the case of legal persons, the exam for the proof of the adequate knowledge must be taken by a senior employee and it must be internally guaranteed and documented that the relevant employee are adequately qualified.
  • Insurance mediators which have been active without interruption since at least August 31, 2000, can be exempted from the duty to take an exam.
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