Global Secutive
Global Secutive is an international insurance partner that stands behind the two trademarks: 
GS Insurance Solutions and eSecutive. 
Our philosophy is that personal and accessible customer service is the basis for successful communication. 
With offices in the US and Germany, we are able to assist our clients across multiple time zones.
GS Insurance SolutionsTM represents our insurance products: As an insurance agency for worldwide insurance 
products, it’s our goal to offer a wide range of products, tailored to the requirements of the international cultural 
exchange and educational travel market. We are always up-to-date on changing regulations and market developments 
and we adapt our products accordingly.
A range of strong and distinguished business partners allows us to always act flexibly and custom-tailor products for 
our clients. We represent several American and European A-rated insurance companies as well as leading assistance 
providers, such as UnitedHealthcare in the US.
eSecutiveTM represents our industry-proven online solutions: Besides personal communication, we also provide our 
customers and their participants with our market-leading online services, which are complementary to all our 
insurance products. Our online services are continuously upgraded with new features and are updated to the highest
level of technical and security standards.
Our Objectives:
Global Secutive wants to meet the needs of the cultural exchange profession and offers tailored insurance concepts for organizations providing international exchange programs.
Our Mission:
Global Secutive is dedicated to develop insurance products that provide quality protection with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients, our staff members, and insurance companies, that respects the interests and goals of each party.
Global Secutive

In the US:
Health, license #P206416

US regulations:
Each US state regulates individuals who sell Health Insurance and Property & Casualty policies to cover risk in their respective state by requiring the individual to obtain a Health or P&C license. An individual must obtain a resident license in the state he or she resides or works in. The individual often times must fulfill a certain amount of course hours to familiarize him/her with the state's regulations and the professional conduct that is expected of the licensee. The individual must also pass an exam.


In Europe:
License #D-4XTY-QI1F2-47
License #D-IVM7-KQHGC-08


German regulations:
As of June 2007 new EU based insurance regulations are in place. Some material contents of the "EU Richtlinie"may be summarized as follows:


  • Professional insurance mediation will become subject to license requirements.
  • Insurance Mediators have to register. Furthermore, the necessity to prove the adequate knowledge (i.e. through an exam), and the duty to have a professional liability insurance are to be introduced.
  • In the case of legal persons, the exam for the proof of the adequate knowledge must be taken by a senior employee and it must be internally guaranteed and documented that the relevant employee are adequately qualified.
  • Insurance mediators which have been active without interruption since at least August 31, 2000, can be exempted from the duty to take an exam.
The Secutive Team

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